Research cluster for studying sub-national economies in Asia

ACI’s Featured Projects To Date

  1. Our work with the Government of India:

          – Ease of Doing Business Index

          – Strategic Master Plan for Regional Economic Development Vision

ACI takes pride in being helpful to local governments of states of India and provincial governments of Indonesia by helping them to attract foreign direct investment, improving business friendliness and set competitive policies through ACI’s Ease of Doing Business Index. ACI has also seized the opportunity to offer India a Strategic Master Plan for Regional Economic Development Vision 2030.

  1. Our work on Global Cities:

            – Global Liveable Cities Index

            – Index on Cost of Living, Purchasing Power and Wages of Ordinary Residents and Expatriates

ACI is advising provincial government of Guangdong on how to promote further the innovation-driven growth, advising Mayor’s Office of Chongqing Municipality on the grand plan of an aerotropolis city. Following the pioneering effort to develop a Global Liveable Cities Index for world’s major 64 cities across five continents, ACI is currently providing the benchmark for The World Bank through ACI’s 100 Gretaer China Liveable Cities Index to assist these Chinese cities for improving their liveability. Going even further, ACI embarked on a pioneering effort to construct an Index on Cost of Living, Purchasing Power and Wages of ordinary residents and expatriates for world’s major 103 cities.

  1. Our work with Global Institutions:

           – World Bank: Master Plan of ASEAN Connectivity

           – European Central Bank: Firm Level Productivity

ACI works with The World Bank on tracking and analysing the quantitative impact Master Plan of ASEAN Connectivity (MPAC) adopted by ASEAN Leaders in October 2010. ACI also works with the European Central Bank by adopting a common methodological framework to study at company level the competitiveness, productivity and efficiency of European and Asian companies for potential synergies between them. These are good example of research intiatives constituting impactful policy research.