About Us

The Centre on Asia and Globalisation (CAG) was established in 2006 at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore. The Centre was reoriented in 2011 to undertake in-depth research examining the development of the Asia-Pacific, and its impact on world affairs. Its mission is to provide academics, decision-makers and the general public with quality research and objective analysis on issues of regional and global significance.

The Centre combines rigorous academic enquiry on governance, public goods, security, and economic development with expert collaboration, high-level policy dialogue, public outreach, and capacity building and training. CAG’s research focuses both on the internal and external dynamics undergirding international relations and development in the Asia-Pacific, and explores the role that the Asia-Pacific plays in an increasingly interconnected world.

Since 2011, CAG has developed widespread collaborative networks and relationships with major think tanks in the United States, China, India, Japan, South Korea, Europe, and Russia. Through such collaborations, we strive to establish CAG as a platform with a global reach for meaningful and constructive exchanges among leading scholars and experts on important issues in world affairs.

Our four major research areas are:

  • Major power relations in the Asia-Pacific
  • Regional institutions and regimes, and the implications for regional governance
  • Public goods issues (such as the environment, energy policy, water security, and pandemics)
  • Political economy in the Asia-Pacific (how public policy impacts economic development in Asia, with a special focus on the restructuring of the regional financial order)

The Centre is staffed by an international and diverse team of researchers and is uniquely placed to bridge Asia and the world. We have developed a strong team of not only senior and junior staff members, but also faculty associates, who are mostly based at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy. Our team is lead by Professor Kanti Bajpai (Director of CAG), Senior Research Fellows Dr. Tomoo Kikuchi and Dr. Selina Ho, and Research Fellows Dr. Alexander Korolev and Dr. Brandon Yoder. The Centre additionally hosts two Postdoctoral Fellows each year and several international visiting scholars from outside of Singapore.