Major Power Relations

The Asia-Pacific has emerged as a dynamic centre in the international political system and global economy. Developments in the regional order, such as the simultaneous rise of China and India, Japan’s transition towards ‘normalcy’, and the United States pivot towards Asia have engendered increasing uncertainty in the region. The confluence of these factors has made the Asia-Pacific a critical flashpoint in the 21st century, and this is viewed in this context of the relationship between China and India, rising tensions in the South and East China Seas and other pressing issues. Given these broad strategic concerns, the Centre on Asia and Globalisation examines the themes of cooperation and confidence building amongst actors in the region to help mitigate instability and uncertainty arising from current risks, and future political and economic integration. 

The Centre focuses on four main themes:

On-going projects

International Politics and China-Russia relations

The Ukraine crisis and the change of world strategic balance (conference and book/special issue project, years 2015-2016).

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Principal investigators