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ARARAL, Eduardo

Eduardo Araral

Vice Dean (Research), Director, Institute of Water Policy and Associate Professor

PhD (Public Policy) Indiana University-Bloomington

Eduardo Araral
Contact Details

DID: +65 6516 4220
Fax: +65 6778 1020

Office Location

469C Bukit Timah Road
Level 3M, Oei Tiong Ham Building

Singapore 259772


Ed is both an academic and a practitioner. As an academic, he was trained in politics, economics, institutions and governnance. Ed received 12 international and local awards and recognitions including fellowships from the research centers of 3 Nobel Laureates (Economics), the Ostrom Prize for the Governance of the Commons, a Fulbright Phd Award, a US National Science Foundation Grant, China National Science Research Grant, Finalist in the Best Dissertation Prize by the Society for Institutional and Organizational Economics and Pamana ng Lahi Presidential Award (2016) for Overseas Filipinos. He has 34 academic publications including those in top journals such as World Development, Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, Governance, Policy Sciences, Water Resources Research, among others. His work has been cited by the NUS President as an example of research that advances knowledge and helps solve important problems for society.

At LKYSPP, he has taught 8 core courses for the MPP, MPA, MPM and PhD Programs including politics and policy, public management, public finance, research methods, program evaluation, institutional analysis and public policy analysis. He was a faculty associate at the Ostrom Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis and was a visiting researcher at the University of Paris-Sorbonne. He is currently a faculty associate with the Coase Institute and the Center for Asia and Globalization

As a practitioner, Ed has an active portfolio of government advisory, consultancy, executive education and media engagement. Ed has undertaken 18 consultancy projects for the Asian Development Bank, World Bank, UNDP, local governments and NGOs. He has also lectured in 130 Executive Education Programs for more than 3,000 government officials from 27 countries in Asia including Ministers, Permanent Secretaries, Directors, City Commissioners and Mayors, NGO leaders, CEOs of multinationals and ranking military officers. He has advised senior government officials in Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Myanmar, the Philippines, among others. He has served as a resource person for local and international media including BBC, CNBC, Bloomberg, Foreign Affairs, Al Jazeera, Straits Times, Channel News Asia, Insight, South China Morning Post, Washington Post, Voice of America, Chicago Tribune, LA Times, among others.

At the Lee Kuan Yew School, he is currently Vice Dean (Reserch), Member of the Management Committee and Co-Director of the Institute of Water Policy. He represents the Dean at the University Senate and Dean’s Meetings. He was formerly Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs and represented the School at the University Committee on Education Policy and the Board of Graduate Studies. He is faculty Director for the Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Public Policy. He is also a member of three Editorial Boards and as co-editor of two series from the Cambridge University Press and Oxford University Press and as peer reviewer for journals.

Ed obtained his PhD Degree in Public Policy from Indiana University-Bloomington on a Fulbright PhD Scholarship with Elinor Ostrom (2009 Nobel Laureate in Economics as his supervisor.

Research Areas

  • Climate change
  • Decentralisation and federalism
  • Regulatory policy
  • Sustainable development
  • Water management, governance and policy

Media Expertise

  • Philippines
  • Political economy
  • US-China relations
  • Vietnam


Journal Articles


  • Araral, Fritzen,  Howlett, Ramesh and Wu. 2013. Handbook on the Public Policy Process. Routledge. UK
  • Jarvis, Ramesh, Xu and Araral (eds). 2011. Infrastructure Regulation. Routledge. U.K
  • Ramesh, Araral and Wu (eds) 2010. Reasserting the State in Public Services, Routledge. UK

Book Chapters

  • Araral, E. and Ching, L. 2014. The Singapore Water Story. Series 3 Vol 7 in the book series A History of Water. Edited by Terje Ostigard, I.B. Tauris, London.
  • Araral, E. (2011). Infrastructure Regulation: A Review of Issues. In Jarvis, et. al. World Scientific. Singapore.
  • Araral, E., (2010). “Is private water supply necessarily better?” In Ramesh, M, E. Araral and X. Wu, eds. Reasserting the State in Public Services, Routledge.London
  • Ramesh, M and Araral, E. (2010). Introduction and Overview: Reasserting the State in Public Services.  In Ramesh, M, E. Araral and X Wu, eds. Reasserting the State in Public Services, Routledge, 2010. London.
  • Araral, E. (2010) “Comparative Analysis of Water Supply in India and Cambodia”.  In Urban Governance, G. Ramesh, et al. (ed).  Routledge. New Delhi
  • Araral, E. (2007), “Is Foreign Aid Compatible with good governance?”. In Ramesh and Fritzen, eds. Transforming Asian Governance: Rethinking Assumptions, challenging practices. Routledge. London.

Commissioned Papers

  • Araral, E. Vu, M. K. and Nguyen, T. 2012. Governance, Public Administration and Public Management Reforms: What Vietnam can learn from international experience. Commissioned by UNDP Vietnam. Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Araral, E. W. Xun and R. Padawangi (2009).  Lessons learned on water sector projects of the Asian Development Bank and other Donors.  Manila, Philippines, 2009, 50 pp. (Commissioned by the Asian Development Bank).
  • Araral, E. (2009). The Impacts of Community Driven Development on Infrastructure Cost and Quality: Evidence from Indonesia, the Philippines and Nepal.  Manila, Philippines, 70 pp. (Commissioned by the Asian Development Bank).
  • Araral, E and C. Holmemo (2006), Measuring the Costs and Benefits of Community Driven Development. The World Bank Social Development Working Paper Series, no. 102. Washington, DC: 64 pp. (Commissioned by the World Bank).
  • Araral, E (2005). Water Users Associations and Irrigation Management Transfer. The World Bank Environmental Economics Series Paper, 104. Washington, D.C. (Commissioned by the World Bank).

Working Papers

  • Herd Behavior in Stock Markets: A Cross Cultural Analysis (with Loh, Y)
  • Health Politics and Policy  
  • A Formal Model of the Strategic Games that Donors and Bureaucrats Play
  • The Indonesian Fire and Haze Problem: Some Governance Issues
  • Water Governance in China (w/ Yahua, W.)
  • Rural Land Markets in China (W. Yahua and Q. Jiwei)
  • The Contributions of the Ostrom Workshop to the Public Policy Literature
  • Polycentricity and urban environmental management (with Kris Hartley)


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