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HSIEH, Tsun Yan

Hsieh Tsun-Yan

Professor (Practice), NUS Business School

Hsieh Tsun-Yan
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Tsun-yan Hsieh is a well-known Boardroom Advisor and CEO Counsellor among the business elite, who is able to bring stakeholders together to make change happen. Mr. Hsieh is also well regarded for his work in helping to develop chief executive officers and other senior leaders in Asia and globally.

In a career spanning 30 years with McKinsey, Mr. Hsieh served clients in as many countries and industries in corporate transformation and leader development. His leadership positions in McKinsey included Chairman of the Professional Development Committee, Managing Director, Canada and ASEAN practices, Chairman of the Asia Client Committee, and the Directors Committee until he retired in 2008. He also founded McKinsey’s Leadership Services globally to help clients grow more, better leaders faster.

Since founding the LinHart Group in 2008, he has been advising boards, owners, investors, and CEOs in Asia on succession and leadership issues, equipping them to better tackle challenges and opportunities ranging from globalisation, strategic alliances, cultural transformation, to managing high growth, turning around companies, and growing new business.

Mr Hsieh is an Independent Director of Sony Corporation, Bharti Airtel (India & Africa), and Manulife Financial, and has been a member of NUS Business School’s Management Advisory Board since 2009.

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