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Louis Philip LEBEL

Louis Philip Lebel

Adjunct Associate Professor

Ph.D (Zoology) from University of Western Australia (1993)
BSc (1st Class Honours, in Computer Science & Zoology) from University of Western Australia (1989)

Louis Philip Lebel
Contact Details
Office Location

Unit for Social and Environmental Research (USER),
Faculty of Social Science,
Chiang Mai University,
Chiang Mai 50200, THAILAND


Louis Lebel is a Director at the Unit for Social and Environmental Research, Chiang Mai University and Adjunct Associate Professor at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy. 

He has been at Chiang Mai University since 1999 and began working in Thailand since 1991. He has on-going research interests in ecology, epidemiology and public health, political science, climate change, water governance and sustainability. He has led several multi-centre comparative studies and contributed significantly to several long-lasting research networks in the Southeast Asia region including the Mekong Program on Water, Environment and Resilience (M-POWER), the Sustainable Mekong Region Network (SUMERNET). He has mentored, advised and help build capacity of many researchers in the Mekong region. Special areas of expertise include quantitative and qualitative methods and research study design. For further details of activities see: www.sea-user.org


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• Chitmanat, C., Lebel, P., Whangchai, N., Promya, J., Lebel, L. (2016) Tilapia diseases and management in river-based cage aquaculture in northern Thailand. Journal of Applied Aquaculture 28, 9-16.
• Clark, W.C., Van Kerkhoff, L., Lebel, L., Gallopin, G. (2016) Crafting usable knowledge for sustainable development. PNAS 113, 4570-4578.
• Dany, V., Taplin, R., Bajracharya, B., Regan, M., Lebel, L. (2016) Entry points for climate-informed planning for the water resources and agriculture sectors in Cambodia. Environment, Development and Sustainability, 1-22.
• Jacobs, K., Lebel, L., Buizer, J., Addams, L., Matson, P.A., McCullough, E., Garden , P., Saliba, G., Finan, T. (2016) Linking knowledge with action in the pursuit of sustainable water-resources management. PNAS 113, 4591-4596.
• Lebel, P., Sriyasak, P., Kallayanamitra, C., Duangsuwan, C.L., L (2016) Learning about climate-related risks: decisions of Northern Thailand fish farmers in a role-playing simulation game Regional Environmental Change 16, 1481-1494.
• Marks, D., Lebel, L. (2016) Disaster governance and the scalar politics of incomplete decentralization: Fragmented and contested responses to the 2011 floods in Central Thailand. Habitat International 52, 57-66.

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