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MARSHALL, Jonathan

Jonathan Marshall

Adjunct Associate Professor

PhD (Counselling Psychology) Stanford University

Jonathan Marshall
Contact Details
Fax: +65 6778 1020

Office Location

469B Bukit Timah Road
Level 2, Li Ka Shing Building
Singapore 259771


Dr. Marshall conducts research on leadership, teaches applied leadership studies, and coaches business executives. His academic interests include examining how the public perceives its leaders, investigating how to facilitate the acquisition of leadership skills, and the use of psychological techniques to improve the abilities of high performing individuals. In his earlier work, he was one of the foremost authors on how websites convey credibility, and he helped design the original version of Yahoo! Mail. 

Jonathan started his work in leadership as a naval officer and assistant squadron commander to 100 sailors. Pursing his interest in helping people become peak performers, he went on to do a doctorate in counselling psychology at Stanford University. At Stanford University’s Department of Psychiatry, he conducted research into the use of hypnosis, meditation, and yoga for the treatment of depression. He did his post-doctoral work at Harvard University where he became the primary male psychologist at the Harvard Business School. There he worked with elite performers in business and athletics. Prior to joining the faculty at the National University of Singapore, he helped start the Division of Psychology at the Nanyang Technological University.

Jonathan Marshall - CV


Recent Dissertation

  • Marshall, J. (2003). Hypnotizability and Religious Motivation in the Treatment of Long-Term Depressed Mood. Stanford University, Stanford.

Recent Book Chapter

  • Fogg, B., Lee, E., & Marshall, J. (2002). Persuasive Computing: Using Technology to Change Attitudes and Behaviors. In J. P. P. Dillard, M. (Ed.), The Persuasion Handbook: Theory and Practice. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

Recent Academic Article

  • Harris, A., S. Standard, et al. (2002). “The Accuracy of Abstracts in Selected Journals of the American Psychological Association.” Journal of Psychology 136(2): 141-8.

Recent Presentations or Conference Papers

  • GWEE, X, J M MARSHALL, Rajeev Kumar and T P Ng, “Active ageing in Singapore: ethnic and cultural dimensions”. Annual Singapore Conference on Ageing (ASCA 2012)(Invited paper) (10 May 2012, Orchard Hotel, Singapore)
  • MARSHALL, J M, “Ethnic and Cultural Dimensions of Successful Ageing in Singapore”.International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics (21 – 27 Oct 2011, Melbourne Convention Centre, Melbourne, Australia)
  • MARSHALL, J M, “Meditation & Decision Making A Feasibility Study”. Society for Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis (Plenary paper) (14 – 19 Sep 2011, Sheraton Hotel, New Orleans, Afghanistan)
  • Fogg, B., J. Marshall, et al. (2001). Web Credibility Research: A Method for Online Experiments and Early Study Results. Computer-Human Interaction, Seattle, USA.
  • Fogg, B., J. Marshall, et al. (2000). Elements that Affect Web Credibility: Early Results from a Self-Report Study. Computer-Human Interaction, Den Haag, The Netherlands.
  • Fogg, B., J. Marshall, et al. (2001). What Makes Web Sites Credible? A Report on a Large Quantitative Study. Computer-Human Interaction, Seattle.
  • Marshall, J. and K. Ito (1999). Response Rates for Different Survey Media: An Investigation of Email, Paper, and Web Questionnaires, Stanford University.
  • Sethi, R., Fogg, BJ, Ainslie, J., Marshall, J (2003). The Carrot or the Stick? Positive and Negative Sounds in Interactive Software. Computer Human Interaction, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
  • Shon, J., J. Marshall, et al. (2000). The Impact of Displayed Award on the Credibility and Retention of Web Site Information. American Medical Informatics Association.

Academic Articles in preparation (Working Papers)

  • Butler, L. D., Waelde, L. C., Hastings, T. A., Chen, X. H., Symons, B. K., Marshall, J., Kaufman, A., Blasey, C. M.., Nagy, T., Abramson, M., & Spiegel, D. (in preparation). “Results of a randomized pilot trial comparing meditation, group therapy with hypnosis, and an education control in the treatment of patients with long-term depressed mood.”
  • Marshall, J., Koopman, C., Nevo, R., Abbot, B., Zarcone, J., Slattery, C., Elliott, C., & Spiegel, D. “A comparison of women seeking psychiatric treatment for childhood sexual abuse to women fabricating memories of childhood sexual abuse.” Journal of Child Sexual Abuse.


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