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Robert Wasson
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Professor Robert (Bob) Wasson is a Senior Research Fellow in the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy at the National University of Singapore. Trained as a geomorphologist he began his career doing fundamental research into processes of landform creation, landscape history, and climate change. But working in the semi arid lands of Australia made him painfully aware of the land and water degradation caused by domestic stock. This awareness grew during five years as a Research Fellow in the Department of Biogeography and Geomorphology at the Australian National University (ANU) where he worked in the Australian and Indian desert dunefields to unravel their history and formative processes. A career change came about when he joined the Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO), charged with the task of working out how Australian landscapes and waterways had reached their current states following European settlement in 1788. It became clear that the methods of geology and geomorphology could be used to chart change but only environmental history could explain how and why change had occurred. So began a career involving both science and environmental history aimed at policy and management of river catchments. By working with natural resource managers he became aware of the constraints within which they work and has tried to fashion advice and science to meet the real world needs of policy makers and managers. But if relevant science is to be provided you have to stay up to date and so some work of a more fundamental kind has continued.

Leaving CSIRO he returned to the ANU where he became Head of the Department of Geography and Human Ecology, Dean of Science, and then Director of the Centre for Resource and Environmental Studies. These positions allowed him to return to research in Asia where he has worked in India, Pakistan, Nepal, Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, China, Malaysia, The Philippines, and Timor Leste. During this time he served on many Australian Government water and land advisory committees, and continued his work with the International Geosphere and Biosphere Program (becoming Deputy Chair of the Science Committee) and the International Human Dimensions of Global Change Program.

Another change occurred when he became Deputy Vice Chancellor Research at Charles Darwin University in the Australian tropics prior to joining NUS in 2011. This management role enabled some understanding of the workings of higher education policy and practice.

At NUS he has focused on histories of floods and human vulnerability to floods in northern Thailand, the Indian Himalayas, and northern Australia using multi-disciplinary methods and with many collaborators.

Research Areas

  • Ÿ Natural resource management
  • Ÿ Climate change
  • Ÿ Science for policy
  • Ÿ Integration of science into policy
  • Ÿ Environmental History
  • Ÿ River catchment processes and change
  • Ÿ Extreme hydro-climatic events
  • Ÿ Cross-disciplinary methods


Referred Publications

The Geomorphology and Sedimentology of Rivers and Mass Movements

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Aeolian Processes and Landforms

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Past Environments and Climatic Change

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Slopes, Coasts, Soils, Regional Landform Development

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Natural Resource and Environmental Management

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Conference Papers, Notes and Abstracts, and Consultancy Reports, Workshop Reports, Technical Reports

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