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Zeger Van Der Wal

PhD (Public Administration), VU University Amsterdam

Zeger Van Der Wal
Contact Details

DID: +65 6601 2869

Office Location

469B Bukit Timah Road
Level 2, Li Ka Shing Building
Singapore 259771


Zeger van der Wal is a seasoned lecturer, researcher, and consultant in the areas of organizational values and culture, integrity management, administrative reform, performance management, and work motivation. Currently, he is a senior Faculty member at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, based at Asia’s no. 1 university NUS. In 2014, he was awarded the prestigious Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) Faculty Research Fellowship as well as the school’s Teaching Excellence Award. In January 2015, he was appointed Assistant Dean of Research and Associate Editor of Public Administration Review. In March 2015, NUS bestowed the Annual Teaching Excellence Award (ATEA) upon him.

In recent years, he has developed an active portfolio of executive education and consulting assignments on integrity management and ethical decision-making, code of conduct design, public service motivation, stakeholder management, and performance management. Clients include: Ministry of Home Affairs, The Netherlands, China-Europe Public Administration Project (GIZ), Sri Lanka Public Service Commission, Malaysia Anti-Corruption Academy, Home Team Academy Singapore, Ministry of Transport Singapore, Monetary Authority Singapore, UNDP, Toyota Asia-Pacific, VISA, and Civil Service College Singapore.

Van der Wal has educated and trained over 2000 graduate students and senior officials across the globe. Teaching, research, and consulting assignments have taken him to Australia, Brunei, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Kazakhstan, Laos, Malaysia, Oman, Singapore, Thailand, The Netherlands, UK, USA, and Vietnam. He has held visiting fellowships at American University and The Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs in the USA, and Australia National University.

He has (co)authored over 75 publications, including books, journal articles, and op-ed pieces in magazines and newspapers. Top-tier journals which have published his work include International Public Management Journal, Public Administration Review, Public Administration, Administration & Society, American Review of Public Administration, Public Management Review, and Journal of Business Ethics. His main publications have been translated into Russian and Chinese. Currently, he is working on a textbook geared towards MPA, MBA, and executive education classrooms, titled: “The 21st Century Public Manager”.

He obtained his PhD in Public Administration cum laude (with distinction) from VU University, The Netherlands, in 2008. In that same year, he was awarded the National Postdoc Award from the Netherlands Institute of Government (NIG). He worked at the VU University as Assistant Professor from 2008 to 2012. Before he entered academic life he worked as policy maker for the Municipality of Amsterdam, and later as project assistant for the province of Southern Holland. Zeger received his Master’s in Political Science from the University of Amsterdam in 2001.

Zeger Van Der Wal - CV

Research Areas

  • Performance management and public values
  • Public-private partnerships

Media Expertise

  • Comparisons between public and private sector
  • Corruption & ethics
  • Developing public sector leaders for 21st century
  • Future of government
  • Governance in the European Union
  • Innovation in the government
  • Managing a younger workforce
  • Public sector leadership


Selected Journal Publications

  • Van der Wal, Z. (2015). Future Business and Government Leaders of Asia. How do They Differ and What Makes Them Tick? Journal of Business Ethics. DOI: 10.1007/s10551-015-2783-1. View Article.
  • Van Steden, R., Van der Wal, Z. & K.M. Lasthuizen (2015). Overlapping Values, Mutual Prejudices. Empirical research into the ethos of police officers and private security guards. Administration & Society 47 (3): 220-243.
  • Van der Wal, Z. (2015). “All Quiet on the Non-Western Front?” A Systematic Review of Public Service Motivation Scholarship in Non-Western Contexts. Asia Pacific Journal of Public Administration 37 (2): 69-86.
  • Van der Wal, Z. & L. Yang (2015). Confucius meets Weber or “Managerialism takes all”? Comparing Civil Servant Values in China and the Netherlands. International Public Management Journal 18 (3): 1-25. DOI: 10.1080/10967494.2015.1030486
  • Van der Wal, Z., T. Nabatchi & G. de Graaf (2015). From Galaxy to Universe? A Cross-Disciplinary Review and Analysis of Public Values Publications from 1969 to 2012. American Review of Public Administration 45 (1): 13-28
  • Van der Wal, Z. (2014). Elite Ethics. Comparing Public Values Prioritization between Administrative Elites and Political Elites. International Journal of Public Administration 37 (14): 1030-1043
  • Van der Wal, Z. (2013). Mandarins vs. Machiavellians? On Differences Between Work Motivations of Political and Administrative Elites. Public Administration Review 73 (5): 749-759.
  • Van der Wal, Z. (2011). The Content and Context of Organizational Ethics. Public Administration 89 (2): 644-660. 
  • Van der Wal, Z. & L.W.J.C. Huberts (2008). Value Solidity in Government and Business. Results of an Empirical Study on Public and Private Sector Organizational Values. American Review of Public Administration 38 (3): 264-285.
  • De Graaf, G. & Z. van der Wal (2008). On Value Differences Experienced by Sector Switchers. Administration & Society 40 (1): 79-103.
  • Van der Wal, Z., G. de Graaf & K. Lasthuizen (2008). What’s Valued Most? A comparative empirical study on the differences and similarities between the organizational values of the public and private sector. Public Administration 86 (2): 465-482.  

Presentations or Conference Papers in 2013 

  • PMRC 11th Biannual Conference, 20-22 June, Madison, USA. Panel chair and presenter: Traditional Flavors or Global Convergence? Comparing the ethos of civil servants in China and the Netherlands 
  • IRSPM XVII, 10-12 April, Prague, Czech Republic. Co-chair, organizer, and presenter: Track 17, Public Service Motivation, Public Values, and Red Tape
  • City University Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR, 11 March. Presentation at workshop Integrity Management: Theory and Practice

Presentations or Conference Papers in 2012

  • Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea, 10-12 December. Paper presentation at IIAS Study Group Workshop ‘Trust in Government’
  • The Copenhagen Public Value Consortium Biennial Workshop 2012, 3-5 June, Chicago, USA. Paper presentation: From Galaxy to Universe? A Multi-Disciplinary Meta- Analysis of Publications on Public Values from 1969 to 2012
  • IRSPM XVI, 11-13 April, Rome, Italy. Co-chair, organizer, and presenter: Tracks 17, Good Governance, and 38, PSM and Public Values

Presentations or Conference Papers in 2011

  • Annual NIG Working Conference, 1-2 December, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Co-chair and organizer: Panel 1 ‘Good Governance’
  • International Symposium on Ethical Leadership (ISEL), 22-24 October, Chengdu, P.R. China. Paper presentation: Rule of Morality vs. Rule of Law? 




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