Eighth Family Research Network (FRN) Forum on "Caregiving in Singapore: Insights, Highlights and Experiences"


http://lkyspp2.nus.edu.sg/ips/events/family-research-network-frnThe FRN forum is an initiative to bring together a network of academics, researchers and policy-makers through a series of closed-door sessions to engage in regular discussions on family research. 

This forum will focus on caregiving. The presentations for the forum seek to provide participants with insights into the Enabling Masterplan and caregiving initiatives as well as perspectives garnered from related methodological and qualitative research carried out in Singapore. The presentations will be especially relevant for policymakers and practitioners from the voluntary welfare organisations in designing policies and programmes to help caregivers and their families. A copy of the programme is attached for your information.

Please click here to view the programme. 

Please note that this forum is a closed-door event and is not open to reporting by the media.


Tuesday, 07 August 2012