IPS Conference on Race, Religion and Language


The conference brings together scholars, policymakers and community champions to review the three foundational pillars of differences that define multicultural Singapore — race, religion and language. It will discuss important questions regarding these markers and their implications for Singapore in the years to come.

There will be four panels. The first panel will provide insights into inter-ethnic harmony based on a series of Focus Group Discussions conducted by the Institute. The second panel will delve into racial identities and ethnic relations as well as the relevance of the CMIO framework in the years to come. The third panel will examine language policies and the various effects of language management on social cohesion and identity formation. The final panel will discuss religiosity and whether there are better ways to manage the sacred and the secular.

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For enquiries, please contact Ms Joanna Koh at 6516-8382/ Ms Choo Kia Ming at 6516-8391 or via email:

Thursday, 09 October 2014
9.00 am to 5.00 pm

Venus Ballroom, Furama RiverFront Hotel