IPS Digital Frontiers Seminar: "Upscaling Online Collaboration for Offline Good - Making It Work"


Open-sourced software, social media and web-based interfaces on mobile phones have changed how governments and people collect and use information. Online collaboration where people come together to solve problems and share resources is a growing phenomenon in the private and people sectors.

Drawing from the work of IPS researchers, this seminar focuses on the principles and practices of large-scale online collaboration. Part One presents case studies that demonstrate how three fundamental principles that undergird a digital village can be applied to nation-wide initiatives for service delivery. Part Two focuses on online collaboration in the social service sector where a wiki site is used to host a knowledge base so that community organisations can collectively identify and make sense of the social needs of different vulnerable populations. There are two ongoing projects — one on financially vulnerable seniors and another on migrant workers — where information is publicly accessible and editable. We will share our experience and challenges, and discuss the social and technological requirements necessary for such online collaborations to be successful. There will also be an update during the seminar on the progress made by different community partners since the initial call to action for the project in July 2016.

This seminar brings together innovation experts, researchers, policymakers and the social sector to discuss: What lessons can be drawn from initiatives in the private and people sectors? What values or mechanisms are needed in order for large-scale online collaboration to succeed, be it in the context of information sharing, resource exchange or service coordination? What are the challenges to such initiatives and what enablers are required? What are the implications for the 3Ps — the public, private and people sectors?

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About the IPS Digital Frontiers Seminar:

This series of seminars is based on the idea that new technologies have reached a point that has suddenly opened the doors for novel ways of doing things, be it in the social, political, economic and even research arenas. The seminars in the series are:



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Friday, 28 October 2016
2.45 pm – 5.00 pm (Registration begins at 2.15 pm)

Seminar Room 2-2, Level 2, Manasseh Meyer Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy National University of Singapore (Bukit Timah Campus)