IPS-DPA Roundtable on Employment Discrimination Against People With Disabilities


DPA and IPS have completed a study to unearth the range of unfair treatment that people with disabilities face in the workplace and their detrimental effects. Discrimination happens across the employment journey, beginning from the kind of educational and career choices they are guided to take, to the sometimes demeaning recruitment process, unfair wages, the lack of reasonable accommodations and limited career development. Much of the unfair treatment is largely invisible because people with disabilities are reluctant to share their experiences for fear of reprisals, or even gratitude that they even have a job in the first place.

The project was designed as a participatory research project where people with disabilities were trained to become researchers. They engaged in the recruitment of respondents, collection of data and participated in the analysis and writing. This participatory approach was covered by The Straits Times here.

After the findings are shared, employers, policymakers and the disability community will be invited to participate in a policy discussion on employment issues with regard to people with disabilities.  The forum will contribute to an understanding of employment needs; existing communal resources; current service and policy gaps; reasons for those gaps; and possible solutions. It will also discuss the feasibility of legislation to ensure protections are in place against discriminatory behaviour and facilitate the economic inclusion of people with disabilities.

This Roundtable hopes to start a conversation about the issue of employment discrimination, and this will be followed up by a policy co-creation session also jointly organised by DPA and IPS.

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Thursday, 27 July 2017
1.45 pm – 5.15 pm