Ninth Family Research Network (FRN) Forum on "Nuturing Our Young – Parenting in the 21st Century"


FRN_web_300The FRN forum is an initiative to bring together a network of academics, researchers and policy-makers to engage in regular discussions on family research through a series of closed-door sessions. 

The theme for this forum focuses on parenting in Singapore. The presentations provide participants with broad insights in the multifacted area of parenting. More importantly, the findings show that parenting traverses the life course of not only the parent but their children as well. Parenting is not an activity simply about caring for very young children or those with special needs. In fact, recent research conducted locally has found that parenting behaviour influences children’s career self-efficacy and that has an impact on their future career success. The forum also showcases a successful parenting programme that was implemented recently. It provides valuable takeaways on the adaptation and implementation of successful international programmes in the local context. This is relevant not only for practitioners from key stakeholder organisations, but also provides valuable insights for policymakers.

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Please note that this forum is a closed-door event and is not open to reporting by the media.



Tuesday, 05 February 2013