Singapore at 50: What Lies Ahead?

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Singapore turns 50 in 2015. The “Singapore at 50: What Lies Ahead?” (SG50+, in short) conference by the Institute of Policy Studies and the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore (NUS) marks our contribution to the SG50 celebrations and NUS’ 110th anniversary since its founding. It will be an important opportunity to reflect on how Singapore has succeeded in the half-century since Independence, and how the city-state might continue to survive and thrive in the next 50 years.

Through the conference, we hope to encourage critical reflection on the following key questions that are likely to shape Singapore’s future in the next 50 years:

  • Geopolitics: How should Singapore navigate and succeed in a geopolitical order that is likely to be more complex and multipolar?
  • The Economy: How will Singaporeans make a good living in the face of rapid technological advances that would change the nature of work and produce large rewards for highly skilled and talented workers (possibly at the expense of the rest)?
  • The City: How should we future-proof the city and adapt our urban infrastructure to cope with an environmental future that is likely to be characterised by rapid climate change and more severe energy constraints?
  • Governance: How should we evolve our system of governance to meet the democratic demands of a more pluralistic and diverse population that is likely to still expect good governmental outcomes?


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Video Highlights:

    • SG50+ Conference – Highlights of the two-day event by Channel NewsAsia

Additional information:

  • Photos from the SG50+ Conference on Flickr. Please credit the Institute of Policy Studies when publishing the photos.
  • Conference updates on Twitter @IPS_sg


For enquiries please contact Ms Choo Kia Ming at tel: 6516-8391, or email:

Friday, 03 July 2015
6.00 pm to 9.30 pm

Island Ballroom Shangri-La Hotel 22 Orange Grove Road Singapore 258350