Singapore Perspectives 2010 "Home.Heart.Horizon"

Singapore Perspectives 2010: Home.Heart.Horizon. seeks to examine the myriad of challenges and solutions which Singapore faces today through the prisms of “Home”, “Heart” and “Horizon”. The term “Home” refers to the fundamentals that make Singapore “tick” in an era of greater mobility across the globe. What more needs to be done to maintain Singapore’s success? “Heart” refers to compassion and openness amongst Singaporeans. It embodies soul, conscience and considerateness. Are Singaporeans compassionate, rooted with a strong sense of belonging, commitment and desire to contribute to society’s well-being? Finally, the term “Horizon” evokes the possibilities of the future for the city-state. Singapore must continue to “scan the horizon” to remain outward-looking in order to maintain its relevance in today’s world by developing capabilities to spot both looming challenges and opportunities.

Singapore Perspectives 2010 will address the elements of “Home”, “Heart” and “Horizon” in three panels – One United People, One Gracious Society and One Global City within the context of Singapore’s unique position.

We are honoured to have Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong give the opening remarks at the conference.

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Monday, 25 January 2010
Raffles Ballroom, Raffles City Convention Centre