Singapore Perspectives 2015 "Choices"

logo_sp2015 290pxThe Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) will hold its annual flagship Singapore Perspectives (SP) conference on 26 January 2015. The first in a series of events by IPS to commemorate Singapore’s 50th year of independence, the theme of SP2015 is “Choices” where we consider what roots us to this nation and defines us as a people.

Although the defining features of what it means to be Singaporean may be amorphous, one thing is certain: we may have become Singaporeans by accident 50 years ago, but we remain Singaporeans today by choice. In particular, we will consider the key choices we have made in three arenas — politics, economy and society — over the last 50 years.

Our speakers, drawn from among Singapore’s public intellectuals, will contemplate: the choices our founding leaders and pioneer generation had to make in order to overcome the obstacles that a newly independent nation-state faced; what would have been our fate if they had made different choices; and whether the choices they made are still relevant today.

As in the past, Singapore Perspectives provides a platform for close to 800 leaders in their fields and interested members of the public to look at the dynamic challenges that Singapore will face in the coming years. We hope that by building bridges between different individuals, we can promote an exchange of views and encourage the emergence of better solutions to policy challenges.

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Monday, 26 January 2015

Fairmont Ballroom, Raffles City Convention Centre