Sustaining Asia’s Recovery – A World Bank Update for the East Asia and Pacific Region


The region is leading the global economy into recovery, but how do countries withdraw their fiscal and monetary stimulus without disrupting growth? Is strong growth still possible in the context of a much weaker world economy? What do the region’s middle income countries need to do now to stay on the growth path? How do low income countries break into regional and global production chains? And what are the prospects for leaping into a greener growth agenda across the region? These are some of the questions the report will aim to answer.



Vikram_Nehru_150X200Mr Vikram Nehru, World Bank Chief Economist for the East Asia & Pacific

Vikram Nehru is the Director for Poverty Reduction, Economic Management, and Private and Financial Sector Development and Regional Chief Economist in the East Asia Region of the World Bank. Earlier he was Director of the World Bank’s Economic Policy and Debt Department – the department responsible for covering developing country macroeconomic and debt issues, including growth diagnostics, sub-national development, fiscal analysis, HIPC implementation, low income country debt sustainability, and middle income country debt dynamics. An Indian national, Mr. Nehru completed his graduate and postgraduate degrees at Oxford University before working with the Government of India for four years. He began his career with the World Bank in 1981 through the Young Professionals Program. Since then, he has worked in several capacities and on a number of countries, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Ghana, and China. His latest papers cover such issues as exogenous shocks, debt sustainability, and the development challenges in Indonesia and China. He has also had extensive research experience on issues of economic growth, capital stock measurement, financial sector policy, industrial and trade policy and on the implications of global trends and developments on the economic prospects of developing countries.




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