Towards a Media Industry Freelancers Grouping


It has been estimated that freelancers make up 30% of the creative industries’ workforce. These professionals face a host of issues, ranging from professional rights protection in cases of non-payment, to insurance, welfare, training, networking, industry development and representation. Some of these issues have surfaced in recent months, leading to the question of whether it is time for freelancers to come together to form a grouping in the form of a professional association, guild or union. 

In response to this, IPS is organising a closed-door discussion to explore the possibility of setting up a freelancers grouping. The discussion will include the initiatives taken by different groups so far, the different kinds of groupings and their advantages and disadvantages, and the next steps forward. The event will consist of a series of short presentations followed by a discussion. Speakers will include Ms Audrey Wong, Nominated Member of Parliament and Programme Leader of the Masters of Arts and Cultural Management Programme at LASALLE College of the Arts; Mr Kenneth Cheong, Independent Filmmaker; Ms Goh Su Lin from Six Degrees, a network of independent creative professionals; Mr P Balachandran, Vice-Chairman of Robert Wang & Woo LLC; and Mr Teo Thiam Chye, Programme Director at the Media Development Authority.




Media report:


Tuesday, 17 August 2010
2.30 pm to 5.30 pm

Conference Room, Level 1, Oei Tiong Ham Building