Goverance & Economy

The Goverance and Economy department studies party and electoral politics, the development of civil society, state-society relations, citizen engagement in Singapore, business and economic climate in Singapore, how these are affected as a result of public policy and how Singapore responds to cyclical headwinds and changes in public policy. Through the twice-yearly Singapore Economic Roundtable and other periodic seminars and workshops, the department highlights new developments, considers relevant recommendations in response, and engages stakeholders to provide an informed picture of the economy. The department is headed by Senior Research Fellow Christopher Gee. 

The department research includes surveys that assess the political culture in Singapore and the political attitudes of Singaporeans. Projects to improve the understanding of various stakeholders within the business and economics sphere. 


Christopher Gee
Senior Research Fellow
Dr Yap Mui Teng
Principal Research Fellow
Dr Gillian Koh
Deputy Director (Research)
Dr Fazial Yahya
Senior Research Fellow
Dr Alex Tan
Senior Research Fellow
Manu Bhaskaran
Adjunct Senior Research Fellow
Debbie Soon 
Research Associate 
Yvonne Arivalagan
Research Assistant
Petrina Chew
Research Assistant
Wilfred Lau
Research Assistant
Tan Min-Wei
Research Assistant
Mooris Tjioe
Research Assistant



  • Longevity Project (Phase 1)
  • National Transfer Accounts and Active Ageing Index
  • Comparative Ageing Policies in Asia
  • OECD Family Database Asia
  • Survey on Emigration Attitude of Young Singaporeans
  • A Study of Social Capital in Singapore (2015)
  • Asian Barometer Survey
  • Rising Costs in Singapore
  • Singapore Economic Roundtable
  • SME Survey


  • Action Plan Singapore
  • The New Singaporean Pluralism
  • Post General Election Surveys & Post Presidential Election Survey
  • IPS Prism Project Workshops
  • New Frontiers: IPS-CFE Conference on the Future Economy of Singapore
  • Perception of Policies in Singapore Survey 7: Perceptions of the Marriage & Parenthood Package
  • The Investment Risks in Singapore’s Retirement Financing System

  • Forum on CPF and Retirement Adequacy
  • Population Outcomes: Singapore 2050
  • The National Survey of Senior Citizens 2011
  • Closed Door Discussions with SMEs
  • IPS Conference on Moneylending