IPS News in 2011

The Sixteenth Singapore Economic Roundtable (8 November)

IPS Forum on the Presidential Election (1 November)

IPS Conference “Impact of New Media on General Election 2011” (4 October)

IPS Seminar “The Influence of Political Cynicism and Political Efficacy on Media Use: Further findings from the IPS Survey” (14 September)

IPS Forum on the Elected Presidency (5 August 2011)

IPS POST-ELECTION FORUM 2011 (8 July 2011)

New IPS Director (1 July 2011)

IPS Seminar “One Foot In: An ‘Arts NMP’ on Politics and Activism in Influencing Cultural Policy” (15 June 2011)

IPS Forum “What Youth Want” (7 June 2011)

The Fifteenth Singapore Economic Roundtable (23 May 2011)

IPS Roundtable “Survey on Attitudes to Emigration” (31 March 2011)

ISEAS-IPS Seminar “Migration of Indian Human Capital: The Ebb and Flow of Indian Professionals in Southeast Asia” (25 March 2011)

Conference on East Asian Development (CEAD) (21-22 March 2011)

SINGAPORE PERSPECTIVES 2011: Our Inclusive Society: Going Forward (17 January 2011)