IPS Study on Perceptions of Singapore’s History


The Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) recently conducted a survey on public perceptions of Singapore’s history. In conducting this study, IPS set out to explore the following questions: Which are the influential Singapore stories and why, and who do these stories resonate with? Looking ahead, which types of narratives will inspire current and future generations of Singaporeans?
The survey of more than 1,500 Singaporeans was conducted  between August and October 2014. Respondents were taken through a list of 50 historical events – from the founding of modern Singapore in 1819 to the last general election in 2011 – and asked if they were aware of the event. They were also asked if they thought the event was important to them and to future generations of Singaporeans, and how they felt about the event. Data was collected using a quota-based sampling method, controlling for age, gender and ethnicity. The sample collected is representative of Singapore’s resident population. Following the survey, three focus group discussions were conducted with different groups of Singaporeans to gain deeper insights into which historical narratives resonate most strongly and why.


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