IPS Update Commemorative Issue Oct 2013



25 Years – Past and Future

Capturing the Changing Reality of Singapore

Although Singapore has become more diverse, the vocabulary that is still being used to describe ourselves is dated. The challenge facing Singapore – and IPS – is to get a finer grained understanding of our changing society and to capture the changing idiom of Singapore life. Read the full article […]



Furthering the Reach of the Mind

Constantly changing, the areas of arts, culture and media are characterised by continuities and discontinuities. The IPS Arts, Culture and Media Cluster is keeping an eye on the future and another eye on the past, and to see how both affect the present. Read the full report […]


A Family Called Singapore

IPS’ founding in 1987 roughly coincided with the implementation of a population policy that shifted from fertility control to a selectively pro-natalist one. And since its inception, the IPS Demography and Family Cluster has been tracking Singapore’s demographic developments. Read the full report […]


The Ways of the Market

Inclusive growth and a more equitable distribution of the benefits of economic growth have entered the narrative of economic policy-making in Singapore. Contributing to the discussion is the IPS Economics and Business Cluster which focuses on the areas of income inequality, public housing and the competitiveness of small and medium-sized companies. Read the full report […]


Keeping the Political Personal

What matters to voters at the polls? Outside of the polls, how do they make their interests and views known to the government? What makes Singapore “one united people”? These are the questions that animate the IPS Politics and Governance Cluster. Read the full report […]


Looking for the Singapore in Singaporeans

Since Independence, public policies in Singapore have recognised and maintained her people’s multi-racial, multi-lingual and multi-religious characteristics. The IPS Society and Identity Cluster seeks to understand the dynamism in identity formation among Singaporeans. Read the full report […]


Surveying the Pulse of Society

Singapore’s changing social landscape has increased the need for reliable data and high-quality analysis of demographic trends. The newest cluster in IPS, the Social Lab aims to make sense of our social attitudes and social resilience through survey-based research. Read the full report […]


The Quiet Work of the IPS Angels

Mention IPS and policy research immediately comes to mind. Yet, there is a lot of invisible work – in the areas of events, administration, information technology and public affairs – that goes into steering the Institute on a daily basis. And we have a dedicated group of angels to thank. Read the full article […]



Two for the Road


Meet the Young IPS

Mostly in their 20s but some more experienced, the Research Assistants and Research Associates of IPS attest to the importance of younger Singaporeans in nurturing IPS’ mandate, which is to promote a greater awareness of policy issues and good governance. Read the full article […]


Purely Personal Reflections of an Old IPS Owl

IPS Special Research Adviser Arun Mahizhnan reflects on the reasons that prompted him to leave the corporate world for academia: the intellectual appeal of a think tank, Prof. Tommy Koh and the opportunity to think the unthinkable. Read the full article […]