IPS Update Issue Dec 2011


Presidential Election Forum


Full Report from the Presidential
Election Forum Now Available 

A recent forum brought experts and participants together to evaluate the results of the IPS Survey on the Presidential Election (2011), assess the campaigns of the candidates and the outcome of the race, and discuss the issues that arose during the campaign. A full report of the forum proceedings is now available […]


Singapore Perspectives 2011 
Singapore Perspectives 2011 Publication Out

This volume examines issues facing Singapore as it aims to be an inclusive society. It captures conference discussions on balancing the aims of being a ‘global city’ and ‘caring community’, a look into what constitutes the ‘Singapore Spirit’ and a special focus on community building and voluntarism for humanitarian work in the region.  […]

Should Schools Make the Switch to American English 
Should Schools Make the Switch to American English?

Former Prime Minister Mr Lee Kuan Yew recently advocated the teaching of American English in Singapore schools instead of British English. IPS Research Assistant Zhou Rongchen examines the issues that may arise from such a switch in the teaching and acquisition of the English language, and the social implications that may accompany such a change. […] 


Doing Business 2012 
Singapore 1st on Ease of Doing Business Globally

The International Finance Corporation (IFC) from the World Bank Group has released its ‘Doing Business 2012’ report, which assesses business regulations in 183 economies. IPS recently hosted a roundtable with IFC to discuss the report’s findings.[…]

16th Singapore Economic Roundtable Examines Progress of Asian Regional Integration

The 16th SER brought together policy makers, private bank economists and academics to discuss Singapore’s macro-economic outlook and policy challenges going forward. Key highlights from the roundtable event are now available. […]


Overcoming 'Wilful Blindness' in Business 
Overcoming ‘Wilful Blindness’ in Business

Why do so many companies claim they ‘didn’t see it coming’ when crises occur? At a recent lunch for IPS Corporate Associates, author Margaret Heffernan examines how organisations become ‘wilfully blind’ to warning signs of trouble, and how they can avoid mistakes and missed opportunities. […]



Trans-Pacific Partnership is a Potential Driver for World Trade 
“Trans-Pacific Partnership is a Potential Driver for World Trade”

Following Japan’s recent entry into TPP negotiations, IPS Associate Director Chang Li Lin considers the potential opportunities for an expanded TPP. While a diverse regional grouping with different needs may protract negotiations and risk politicisation, freer trade through the TPP would bode well for economic growth at a time of global uncertainty. […]

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