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Call to Participate in Overseas Singaporeans Survey

IPS Social Lab’s “State of the Overseas Singaporeans” Study is currently underway. The study aims to understand the profile of Singaporeans living abroad, and will be conducted online till 30 September 2017. Participants stand to receive a specially commissioned limited edition EZ-Link card (one of the designs on the left) – a quirky conversation starter to have around when you’re overseas or back home! Please register for the survey here, or encourage eligible friends or family members to sign up.



Racial Stereotypes in Media: Not just a bit of Harmless Fun (The Straits Times)
By Leonard Lim and Mathew Mathews

Despite race being a common trope in humour, some jokes are not as harmless as they seem, and could in fact promote casual racism. IPS Research Associate Leonard Lim and Senior Research Fellow Dr Mathew Mathews reflect, “We cannot call ourselves a truly inclusive society, if racial stereotypes in the media and in daily interactions continue to be the stimuli for some of our loudest laughs.”


Oxley Road Dispute: What’s at Stake in July 3 Session (The Straits Times)
By Gillian Koh

The dispute over the house at 38 Oxley Road, involving allegations of “abuse of power” and “conflict of interest”, held the attention of the nation for weeks. While the issue is complex, IPS Deputy Director Dr Gillian Koh reminds us that, “As members of a democratic society, we must oblige ourselves to wrestle with the details, before we make our minds up on the issues at hand.”


Time Banks can Forge Social Change (The Straits Times)
By Yvonne Arivalagan and Christopher Gee

Having time banks in Singapore can potentially alleviate income inequality, argues IPS Research Assistant Yvonne Arivalagan and Senior Research Fellow Christopher Gee. “It encourages us to see the value in every person and share with one another a resource that we all have in common.”


Is Singapore’s Hub Status at Risk? (The Edge)
By Manu Bhaskaran

Reports about Singapore’s position as a regional hub being under threat tend to be exaggerated, says IPS Adjunct Senior Research Fellow Manu Bhaskaran. However, Singapore needs to consider bolder and potentially riskier responses in order to maintain its current position.


Does Singapore Still Need a National Airline? (Channel NewsAsia)
By Faizal Bin Yahya

IPS Senior Research Fellow Dr Faizal Bin Yahya comments on Singapore Airlines’ recent financial woes, and its prospects for overcoming its current challenges.





CA-VISTAS SERIES on “Social Entrepreneurship: Is the Pursuit of Helping Others and Profitability Mutually Exclusive?”

Social enterprises can be highly innovative and nimble in adapting to changing environments, in their efforts to generate positive social impact. This CA-VISTAS event gathered three experienced social entrepreneurs, including Jack Sim of the World Toilet Organisation, who discussed the unique challenges faced by social enterprises.



IPS Digital Frontiers Seminar: Citizen Participation in Policy Development and the “Democracy Machine”

As citizens become increasingly educated and keen to participate in discussions on policies, policymakers are recognising the value of public engagement and efforts to co-create policies. Citizens also benefit from the process of deliberation through exposure to different viewpoints. This seminar explored the concept and practice of citizen engagement, and how it is applicable to Singapore’s context.


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IPS Researchers commented on singlehood in Singapore and racial stereotypes.
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