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Closed-Door Discussion on Time Banking: A Potential Game-Changer for Singapore Society

While Singapore today is a highly successful market economy, standard economic measures fail to capture the full range of socially valuable but unpaid work in caregiving, household production and volunteerism. This Closed-Door Discussion explored the concept of time banks to provide non-monetary values for these forms of informal labour to be recognised in society.



Racism Saga: are S’poreans prepared to grow from Ah Boys to Men?
(The Straits Times)

By Gillian Koh

Last month, local actor Shrey Bhargava wrote a Facebook post alleging racism encountered during the casting process of Ah Boys to Men, leading to debates online on “casual racism” in Singapore. In this piece by IPS Deputy Director Dr Gillian Koh, she suggests how netizens could have responded in a manner that is more constructive and less vitriolic.

Taking pride in ethnic identity does not contradict Singapore identity
(Channel NewsAsia)

By Mathew Mathews

There is no contradiction in embracing a strong Singaporean identity and yet taking pride in one’s own ethnic or linguistic background, argues IPS Senior Research Fellow Dr Mathew Mathews. “All Singaporeans experience some aspects of being Chinese, Indian, Malay, Eurasian or some other ethnicity, while at the same time experiencing Singaporeaness.”

The Festival Effect is Transient and Superficial (URBAN SOLUTIONS)
By Tan Tarn How

Vibrant spaces and places that evolved organically due to their historical, cultural, community and commercial roots, such as Mustafa and Toa Payoh town square, continue to stay lively in the long term. In contrast, large-scale festivals tend to spark short-lived vibrancy, argues IPS Senior Research Fellow Tan Tarn How.


Improving the role of private education institutions (The Business Times)
By Faizal Bin Yahya

The outlook for private education institutions is mixed and uncertain for some, says IPS Senior Research Fellow Dr Faizal Bin Yahya.



Picking up a third language can firm up bonds between S’poreans (TODAY)
By Valerie Yeo

There are numerous merits to learning the mother tongue of our fellow citizens. For one, it can expand our cultural consciousness, in turn fostering stronger bonds between Singaporeans, says IPS Research Assistant Valerie Yeo.


Singapore Airlines’ relevance is more than an economic question
(Channel NewsAsia)

By Paveena Seah and Petrina Chew

Despite Singapore Airlines’ recent fourth-quarter net loss, its relevance is seen in non-economic ways, argues IPS Senior Research Analyst and Research Assistant Petrina Chew. For instance, it is seen as an important emblem in Singaporeans’ sense of national identity.



27th Singapore Economic Roundtable

The Singapore Economic Roundtable (SER) is a flagship programme of IPS. A select group of senior private sector economists, academics, business leaders and policy makers are invited to the biannual roundtable. The 27th SER’s focus was on Singapore’s role as a Hub for the region.



2016/17 IPS-Nathan Lectures by Mr Peter Ho

Former Head of Civil Service (2005 – 2010) Mr Peter Ho was the Institute of Policy Studies’ 2016/17 S R Nathan Fellow. From April to May 2017, Mr Ho delivered four lectures, collectively titled The Challenges of Governing in a Complex World. Read on for a summary of all four lectures, or watch the full series on our YouTube page.



Selection of Fellows: Asia Journalism Fellowship

The Asia Journalism Fellowship has announced its 2017 Fellows. Find out who they are and the projects they intend to pursue while in Singapore.




Breakfast Dialogue With Associate Professor Ang Yuen Yuen On The Role Of “Relations” In US-China Relations

Associate Professor Ang Yuen Yuen, the first Singaporean appointed by the National Committee of US-China Relations as a Public Intellectual Fellow, spoke to the IPS Corporate Associates on the role of “relations” (关系) in the U.S. and China. According to A/P Ang, policy elites in the US and China are not so different in their reliance on personal networks.

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IPS Researchers commented on fake news, the reserved Presidential Elections, and the 99 year lease on Housing Development Board flats.
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