IPS Update Issue May 2014



IPS Forum on Educating Singapore’s Next Generations: Towards the Super School Concept

While Singapore’s education system has produced a high-calibre workforce that has helped transform the country into a developed economy, questions remain as to whether the current system will nurture creative and adaptable individuals who can navigate a more uncertain future. This concern rallied a group of local intellectuals to develop a concept paper on a “Super School”, which was discussed at a recent IPS forum. Read the report here […]



Learning from Each Other: Singapore and Swiss Perspectives

Given that Switzerland and Singapore are, in a sense, Willensnation (nations of will), what could each nation learn from the other’s policy experience, if at all? A seminar in Zurich by Avenir Suisse and IPS looked at the contrasting and complementary experiences of both countries. Read the report here […]


A Nuanced Picture of Singapore’s Growth Story

IPS organised a half-day roundtable discussion for 13 New America Foundation fellows, who visited Singapore as part of a Singapore International Foundation programme. The Fellows discussed issues ranging from the state of civic engagement in Singapore to gender and racial differences in educational attainment and income levels. Read the report here […]


IPS-NCSS Social Service Research Network: “Building a Conducive Ecosystem for Research in the Social Service Sector: From Findings to Solutions”

At the inaugural Social Service Research Network meeting, speakers and participants from academic institutions, government agencies and voluntary welfare organisations explored ways to bridge the gap between research and practice in the social service sector. Among the issues discussed were access to research data and the need for more coherent sector-wide knowledge management, research funding and research training. Read the report here […]


IPS Corporate Associates Lunch with His Excellency Tony K Siddique: Singapore and the Arctic Council

At first glance, the Arctic would seem like a very distant subject to Singapore – both literally and figuratively. Yet Singapore has become one of 12 permanent observers on the Arctic Council, a privilege it worked hard to attain. His Excellency Tony K Siddique, Singapore’s Special Envoy for Arctic Affairs, spoke to IPS Corporate Associates about Singapore’s interest in the Arctic. Read the report here […]




Tommy Koh: Confessions of a Lucky Negotiator

Negotiation is both an art and a science. Good negotiators possess a high emotional intelligence and cultural intelligence, and think with their heads and hearts. They too should conduct themselves with dignity and demand that they be treated as equals by their negotiating partners. Yet, timing and luck – especially the good fortune of working with trusted colleagues – matter too. […]


Gillian Koh: Taking Stock of Singapore’s Half-Time Cabinet Reshuffle

What significance does the recent Cabinet reshuffle hold for the government and the governing People’s Action Party at half-time of this Parliamentary term? The confirmation of two ministers represents a vote of confidence in their ability to manage the existing and even other portfolios in government. The promotion of younger backbenchers could also lead to more office-holders contesting in the next election. […]


Faizal Bin Yahya: Can Robots Complement the Workforce?

The field of robotics has made leaps in advancement over the past 50 years. If robots can play a key role in helping to increase labour productivity and efficiency among SMEs in Singapore, this could be a life-saver in reducing business costs for SMEs. Perhaps the missing crux in rejuvenating Singapore’s economy is really a breath of artificial life. […]