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Corporate Associates’ Dialogue with Mr Roland Rudd on “The Road to Brexit”

What does the future hold for the UK, and what are the implications for Asia? Is Brexit part of a global trend towards populism and economic nationalism, or simply an example of a nation “taking back control”? IPS held a Corporate Associates’ Dialogue with Mr Roland Rudd, Chairman of Open Britain, on 19 April 2017, to discuss these issues.



School Mergers: More Questions than Answers Provided (TODAY)
By Leong Chan-Hoong

“Singaporean students are taught in school that remembering our past is important, but they are just about to lose a slice of theirs.” In this commentary, IPS Social Lab Head Dr Leong Chan-Hoong highlights the implications of the impending merger/ closure of 20 schools in Singapore for current students and alumni, as well as local community life, of which the schools are an intrinsic part. He asks if the move could have been handled differently.

Say Yes to Renewing the Singapore F1 Grand Prix (Channel NewsAsia)
By Faizal Bin Yahya

Singapore has many reasons to renew the Singapore F1 Grand Prix, says IPS Senior Research Fellow Dr Faizal Bin Yahya. It is a plus for Singapore in terms of promoting local economic activity and our international branding. Hosting the F1 also showcases Singapore’s technical and administrative capability to “creatively maximise our land use and transform our landscape and nightlife.”

Review Immigration Criteria to Foster Integration (TODAY)
By Eugene Teng

Singapore will need to welcome immigrants if it wants to remain dynamic and vibrant. But the criteria for who becomes a new citizen should be reviewed to ensure that integration and social cohesion remain a priority, says IPS Social Lab Research Analyst Eugene Teng.




Workshop on “Building Resilient Neighbourhoods: The Convergence of Policies, Research and Practice”

The landscape of local neighbourhoods change to reflect Singapore’s evolving social fabric. This workshop held by IPS Social Lab on 7 April 2017 examined how social unity and stability may be enhanced within our neighbourhoods. Read the full report via the link above.



IPS Closed-Door Discussion on Developing Innovation in Singapore

IPS’ Economics and Business research cluster organised a Closed-Door Discussion to follow up on the 2016 Action Plan series spearheaded by IPS. Recommendations in the Action Plan report, under the Innovation track, were discussed, including creating worker-friendly modes of innovation based on Artificial Intelligence.



2016/17 IPS-Nathan Lectures II and III

We held Mr Peter Ho’s second and third IPS-Nathan Lectures in the past month, Governing in the Anthropocene: Risk & Resilience, Imagination & Innovation, and The Paradox of Singapore and the Dialectic of Governance. Read the speeches in full via the links above, or watch the videos, including the Question-and-Answer sessions, on our YouTube channel.



Launch of the Overseas Singaporeans Survey

IPS Social Lab has launched its “State of the Overseas Singaporeans” Study, which will be conducted online till 30 September 2017. The study aims to understand the profile of Singaporeans living abroad, and hopes to sample 3,000 overseas Singaporeans. Register for the survey here.



IPS Working Papers No. 26: Decoding the Committee on the Future Economy Report

This Working Paper analyses the underlying thinking behind the report by Committee on the Future Economy (CFE), and the gaps in their recommendations. For instance, high tech start-ups as a tool for future economic growth may have been overemphasised. Read the full report via the link above.



CNA-IPS Survey on Race in PSD Challenge

The Channel NewsAsia-Institute of Policy Studies Survey on Race Relations was featured on the March/ April cover story of Challenge, the bimonthly magazine of the Singapore Public Service. Click here for more background on the survey and its findings, which was published last year.



Raw Data Sets on Singaporeans’ Political Use of Media

IPS is putting into the public domain the raw data of three surveys on Singaporeans’ political use of media in 2010 and during the 2011 and 2015 elections. Academics and others can now download these data sets for research purposes. Find out more about the surveys and how to get the raw data here.



IPS’ Corporate Social Responsibility Programme

IPS held its Corporate Social Responsibility programme on 21 April 2017. We partnered with TOUCH Home Care Services’ Meals on Wheels Programme. 22 members of IPS staff delivered 110 meals to households in Jurong West. We had a fulfilling time serving the community!


IPS in the News

IPS Researchers commented on the renewal of Singapore’s political leadership and the inclusion of persons with disabilities in the next census.
To read their comments, click here

For media coverage of IPS seminars and lectures, click here


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