IPS Update Issue Nov 2013


A Night of Celebration and Joyful Reflection

The gala dinner at the Shangri-La Hotel on 1 October 2013 was held to commemorate the silver jubilee of the Institute of Policy Studies. It was also a night to reflect on its genesis and future, and to celebrate the quality that makes the Institute unique – the esprit de corp of its people. Read the report here. […]



IPS-Avenir Suisse Conference on “Singapore and Switzerland: Learning from Each Other”

With its sustainable and inclusive economic development and its pool of entrepreneurs, visionaries and civil society leaders, Switzerland remains a role model for Singapore. Similarly, Singapore has established research units to study consumer preferences in Asian markets, something Swiss companies can leverage. Read the report here: […]


IPS Forum on Indicators of Racial and Religious Harmony

Racial and religious harmony is not a state that could be enforced. Instead, racial and religious harmony is built on the personal efforts and dialogues of Singaporeans. The need for such dialogues increases as more immigrants settle down in Singapore. Read the report here: […]





Singapore Perspectives 2013, out in Book and ‘Residual’ Form

The issues and ideas raised during the Singapore Perspectives 2013 conference continue to be of relevance today, from the role of political competition in promoting well-being of the people to the legacy of governance in Singapore. Those interested in these issues can find a useful reference in Singapore Perspectives 2013: Governance. […]



Tommy Koh: Champion, Optimist, Singaporean

The Tommy Koh Reader: Favourite Essays and Lectures is a selection of essays and speeches written or made by Prof. Koh over the decades. Covering a broad spectrum of topics, including diplomacy, nature and heritage, the book is a testament to his brand of patriotism and pragmatic idealism. […]




Tommy Koh: 7 Habits of a Singaporean

As Singapore prepares to celebrate her 50th year of independence in 2015, it is also timely on reflect on what makes us Singaporeans. Is it our cultural DNA that respects all races and faiths? Do Singaporeans share a set of core values like diligence and meritocracy? Or is it our insatiable appetite for hawker food? […]


Faizal bin Yahya: Misconceptions about Older Workers

An economy facing an ageing population does not automatically experience lower productivity and declining innovativeness. In fact, studies have found older workers to be as productive as their younger counterparts. Singapore should therefore invest in more elder-friendly technology and continuing training for older workers. […]


Zhou Rongchen: Should English be the Mother Tongue of Chinese Singaporeans?

While Singapore’s official definition of “mother tongue” is the language of the race one belongs to, the reality is English has overtaken Mandarin as the most widely spoken language at home. Yet, by not protecting the status of Mandarin as a mother tongue, it might follow the same fate as Chinese dialects. […]