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Launch of Dealing With an Ambiguous World

IPS and World Scientific Publishing launched Dealing With an Ambiguous World by Bilahari Kausikan last month. The book contains edited versions of the five IPS-Nathan Lectures by Ambassador Kausikan, the 2015/16 S R Nathan Fellow for the Study of Singapore. Former Deputy Prime Minister Wong Kan Seng was the guest of honour at the launch event. To date, over 1,700 copies of the book have been sold.




China’s Perception of Singapore: 4 Areas of Misunderstanding
By Tommy Koh

What does China get wrong about Singapore? IPS Special Adviser Professor Tommy Koh clarifies four misconceptions: despite its majority-Chinese population, Singapore is not a Chinese country; Singapore is committed to a united Asean; Singapore does not take sides in its foreign policy approach but wants to be friends with all major powers; and Singapore takes the world view of a small country.

Donald Trump presidency: Memo from an old friend of the US
By Tommy Koh

On 9 November 2016, Donald Trump was named the President-elect of the United States. IPS Special Adviser Professor Tommy Koh, who was Singapore’s Ambassador to the US from 1984 to 1990, gives some advice to soon-to-be President Trump on managing US-Asia relations.

Predictability Needed as Anchor with Outlook Dicey
By Manu Bhaskaran and Donald Low

Singapore is experiencing its slowest economic growth since 2009, and there is a case to be made for fiscal policy with stronger automatic stabilisers. Currently, far too much relies on the government responding to downturns with one-off discretionary measures.

Leave No One Behind in Move to Digital Economy
By Carol Soon

Technology brings about opportunities, but not everyone is able to take advantage of them. How can we ensure that everyone is included in Singapore’s digital transformation? Those who are economically disadvantaged should be given practical ways to cope with change.

Asking the Right Questions About Charities
By Justin Lee

The recent changes to the code of governance for charities aim to examine whether the charity was well governed. However, it is also important to ask: did the charity achieve its aims, and was the cause worth the efforts? These questions have implications on charities’ governance and the efficacy of resource allocation in the sector.

Making Freelancing a Viable Career Path
By Fern Yu

Delayed payments. Errant employers. Irregular assignments. With the rise of the gig economy, demand for freelancers is likely to increase. But the challenges these workers face call for policy interventions to ensure a fairer working environment.




Forum on the Reforms to the Elected Presidency

What is the role of the president in Singapore? How do we ensure full ethnic representation in the nation’s highest office? IPS held a forum last month to discuss the reforms to the Elected Presidency System and examine the proposed reforms and the government’s response to it. Read on for highlights from the discussion and event proceedings.


IPS Digital Frontiers Seminar: “Upscaling Online Collaboration for Offline Good – Making It Work”

Social media and online technology can affect positive change in real life. This seminar examined the principles and practices of successful large-scale online collaboration for solving problems, sharing resources and service coordination on a national level. Case studies from the social service sector were discussed.


Singapore Perspectives 2017 “What If?”
Date: 23 January 2017

IPS will hold its flagship conference, Singapore Perspectives 2017 (SP2017), on 23 January 2017. The theme for SP2017 is “What If?” and will consider alternative scenarios for Singapore in the Year 2065, the 100th year of Singapore’s independence. The conference hopes to contribute to the ongoing national discussion what Singaporeans should continue to commit themselves to and what they might adapt or abandon.

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IPS Researchers commented on marriage, disability issues and the US elections in the past month.
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