IPS Update Issue Oct 2011


Impact of New Media on General Election 2011


Did blogs and Facebook make a difference in the watershed election? How toxic was the “Wild Wild West” of cyberspace for the PAP? What material went viral, and to what extent? How did voters’ political beliefs determine their use of media?

Get the answers to these and other questions at the IPS conference on the “Impact of New Media on General Election 2011”. This one-day event will showcase a multi-study project led by IPS and a survey of voters. […]


Dish of our own
“A Dish of Our Own”

IPS Researchers Dr Leong Chan-Hoong and Ms Debbie Soon take stock of the response to the “curry dish” episode and suggest a possible approach for managing intergroup relations in Singapore. […]

IPS Population Projection Study 
Media Spotlight on IPS Population Projection Study

The IPS study on “Scenarios of Future Population Growth and Change in Singapore” was widely reported. Read the IPS report and other coverage here.  […]


Political Discourse on Immigration in Singapore 
Political Discourse on Immigration in Singapore

IPS Intern Tay Yiwen looks at how Singapore’s leaders have approached the issue of immigration with Singaporeans in their speeches by bridging the chasm between change and stability. […]



IPS Researchers meet Lord Peter Mandelson
IPS Researchers meet Lord Peter Mandelson

Researchers in the IPS Politics and Governance cluster briefed Lee Kuan Yew Exchange Fellow Lord Peter Mandelson on the political landscape of Singapore after GE 2011.  […]

Influence of Political Cynicism
IPS Seminar on the Influence of Political Cynicism and Political Efficacy on Media Use

A recent seminar examined survey findings of a survey on Singaporeans’ political traits and attitudes concerning their use of traditional and new media.  […]



Mapping out Rival Claims to the South China Sea 
“Mapping out Rival Claims to the South China Sea”

IPS Special Adviser Prof Tommy Koh answers ten most frequently asked questions on the South China Sea dispute in The Straits Times. […]