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IPS-Nathan Lectures by Mr Lim Siong Guan
Lecture II – “The Fourth Generation”

IPS held the second IPS-Nathan Lecture by Mr Lim Siong Guan earlier this month. The lecture touched on the kind of First World Society Singaporeans want to be, and why it is urgent and critical for Singapore’s well-being that we start immediately to build a gracious society. Read an excerpt of Mr Lim’s speech here, or the full lecture on our website.




New titles in the Singapore Chronicles series

IPS has published five more titles in its 50-volume Singapore Chronicles series, bringing the total available books to 30 so far. These titles are: Japanese Occupation, Malays, Pre-colonial Singapore, Religion, and Trade Unions. Read on to find out more about the new titles.






Fake news mind traps
(The Straits Times)

By Elmie Nekmat and Carol Soon

Have you fallen for fake news even after taking precautions against the new-media scourge? One reason may be due to “optimistic bias”, where people think they are less susceptible to risks than others. This encourages complacency, preventing people from taking precautionary measures against problems such as fake news.


Reintegrating ex-offenders a noble cause, but into what kind of society?
(Channel NewsAsia)

By Justin Lee and Fern Yu

One thing that is often overlooked in the efforts to reintegrate ex-offenders is that many of them were never well integrated into society to begin with. “Instead of wondering how we might get more people to accept ex-offenders, perhaps we should be asking if we are an inclusive community that they would want to be a part of.”


Hydrogen a more sustainable bet for S’pore’s energy future
(IPS Commons)

By Jason Tan Han Wei

“The Government has to diversify Singapore’s energy sources beyond that of solar, in order to develop energy solutions to meet our electricity needs more reliably and more quickly.” Hydrogen presents a promising source of energy for Singapore. There are, however, three key barriers to introducing hydrogen as a reliable alternative: cost, supporting infrastructure, and safety.



Call for Citizen Jurors: Study on the “War on Diabetes”

The Institute of Policy Studies is collaborating with the Ministry of Health to conduct a Citizens’ Jury on this critical national health issue. Unlike other forms of engagement such as focus group discussions, the Citizens’ Jury is a multi-session engagement where participants are given access to advisors, and engage one another actively in a process of discussion to produce a final set of recommendations for the government. Sign up here.



Report on the IPS Forum on the Reserved Election

On 8 September 2017, the Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) held the Forum on the Reserved Presidential Election at the Raffles Convention Centre. Click here for a report of the event and watch the videos of the Forum, including the two ministerial dialogues, here.



IPS Corporate Associates’ Lunch on Doing Business in the Middle East

While news on the Middle East often highlights trouble, there are pockets of stability and growth potential in the region where investors can explore. Last month, the IPS Corporate Associates gathered for an intimate lunch dialogue on how Singapore businesses can navigate the Middle East successfully.



Report on the Asia Journalism Forum

The Asia Journalism Forum hosted by the Institute of Policy Studies and funded by Temasek Foundation Connects, was held on 17 – 19 August 2017. Topics discussed included “Journalism’s Crisis of Reason” and “The Problem of Fake News in Asia.” Read on for the forum’s key insights in the full report.


IPS in the News

IPS Researchers commented on the Singapore’s population growth and the presidential election.
To read their comments, click here

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