A Breakthrough in Vocational and Technical Education: The Singapore Story

There has been much international effort to improve or transform Vocational and Technical Education (VTE). However, the outcomes often remain elusive. VTE continues to be largely shunned by society as a sector of education for low-achievers and academic failures. A Breakthrough in VTE: The Singapore Story explores the Singapore experience that was made possible through strategic planning, organisational excellence, innovation and ingenuity. It is a compelling story of how the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) began to transform lives and change its image over a period of fifteen years (1992–2007). This book, based on a first-hand CEO account, vividly captures the sort of leadership, policy choices, fundamental principles and capabilities which led to that transformation. The details of the “what, when, how and why” are a valuable guide for leaders and practitioners in building quality and sustainable VTE systems which are responsive to social and economic needs.     Untitled Document

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Part I: The Early Beginnings
Chapter 1 Historical Perspectives
Chapter 2 Dynamics and Challenges
Chapter 3 Aligning Education with Economic Development
Chapter 4 Vocational Training under the former VITB

Part II: Journey of Transformation
Chapter 5 Move towards Organisational Excellence
Chapter 6 The Three Waves of Transformation
Chapter 7 Strategic Planning Makes a Difference
Chapter 8 Changing the Image
Chapter 9 ITE: A World-Class Educational Institution

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Part III: Implications for Developing Countries
Chapter 10 Some Lessons on Building Quality and Sustainability
Chapter 11 Concluding Reflections

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281 pages
978-9814616416 (hardcover)