Inequality in Singapore

Income inequality has become a global phenomenon. Rapid technological advancement and an expanding global workforce will continue to place huge pressure on wages all over the world, including Singapore. This edited volume is the product of the robust exchanges that took place in a series of closed-door discussions (CDDs) on inequality that the Institute of Policy Studies organised in the first half of 2012. The essays provide a range of views on the multi-faceted nature of inequality in Singapore, discuss candidly the specific challenges we face, and offer some policy recommendations.


Chapter 1: Introduction Is Life Getting Better in Singapore?: Issues on Social Inequality
Professor Paul Cheung

Chapter 2: Inclusive Growth Growing Inclusivity, Addressing Labor Market Shortfalls and Enhancing International Competitiveness
Speaker: Associate Professor Tan Khee Giap
Discussant: Mr Yeoh Lam Keong

Chapter 3: Education and Social Mobility Education and Intergenerational Mobility
Speaker: Associate Professor Irene Ng Discussant: Associate Professor Tan Ern Ser

Chapter 4: Retirement Funding and Adequacy Retirement Funding Adequacy in Singapore
Speaker: Associate Professor Hui Weng Tat
Discussant: Mr Chan Beng Seng

Chapter 5: Foreign Talent and Their Impact on the Singapore Economy Impact of Foreign Workers on Economic Growth of Singapore Economy
Speaker: Associate Professor Shandre M Thangavelu
Discussant: Ms Wong Su-Yen

Chapter 6: Health Care and Long-term Care Health and Long-term Care for the Aging Population in Singapore
Speaker: Associate Professor Phua Kai Hong
Discussant: Ms Lim Sia Hoe

Chapter 7: Housing Affordability Is Housing Still Affordable?: New Disaggregated Indicators
Speaker: Associate Professor Lum Sau Kim and Ms Zhou Xuefeng
Discussant: Mr Christopher Gee

178 pages
ISBN 978-981-4656-80-1
ISBN 978-981-4623-83-4 (pbk)