Arts, Culture and Media

The Arts, Culture and Media research cluster at IPS studies the state of the arts, cultural and media landscapes in Singapore and the policies instituted to develop and regulate these sectors. The cluster is headed by IPS Senior Research Fellow Dr Carol Soon.

The cluster focuses on projects to better understand policy, and current and potential developments in the arts, media, social and political landscape. These include exploring new ways of studying the interaction between social media, politics and governance. The cluster also examines the relationship between the socio-political issues of cultural development and artistic freedom, and the need to address arts education, the development of creative industries and the globalisation of Singapore arts.


Dr Carol Soon
Senior Research Fellow

Tan Tarn How
Senior Research Fellow

Goh Ze Song, Shawn
Research Assistant

Siti Nadzirah Binte Samsudin
Research Assistant



  • The Future of Cultural Leadership in Singapore
  • Online Political Sensing
  • The Development of Community Arts in Singapore
  • Online Political Sensing
  • Deliberative Governance
  • Singapore as a Digital Village
  • Flourishing Life
  • The State of Literature Education and its Implications
  • Place Management and Placemaking in Singapore
  • Study on General Election, Media and Internet 2015


  • A Literature Review on Fake News, False Information and More
  • Rationality of the Political Online Space
  • Study on Blogospheres in Chinese, Malay and Tamil
  • Harassment in Singapore: Realities, Conundrums and Approaches Moving Ahead
  • Corrosive Speech: What Can Be Done
  • Civility in Cyberspace: Going Beyond Laws to Self-Regulation?
  • Impact of New Media on General Election 2011
  • The Influence of Political Cynicism and Political Efficacy on Media Use: Further Findings from the IPS Survey

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