Demography and Family

The Demography and Family cluster focuses on the implications of Singapore’s demographic challenges — a low birth rate coupled with increasing life expectancy and the need to carefully manage migration, given the country’s small size and high-density environment. The cluster is headed by IPS Senior Research Fellow Christopher Gee.

Major areas of study include the causes and consequences of the low Total Fertility Rate (TFR) and policy responses; the characteristics of the ageing population and the needs and support systems required for the older citizens and residents; immigration and labour mobility policies; and projections of future demographic scenarios that look at the future size and structure of the country’s population under various assumptions of fertility, mortality and net migration.


Dr Yap Mui Teng
Principal Research Fellow

Christopher Gee
Senior Research Fellow

Yvonne Arivalagan
Research Associate



  • IPS Study on Stay-at-Home Fathers
  • Longevity Project (Phase 1)
  • National Transfer Accounts and Active Ageing Index
  • Comparative Ageing Policies in Asia
  • OECD Family Database Asia


  • Perception of Policies in Singapore Survey 7: Perceptions of the Marriage & Parenthood Package
  • The Investment Risks in Singapore’s Retirement Financing System
  • Forum on CPF and Retirement Adequacy
  • Population Outcomes: Singapore 2050
  • The National Survey of Senior Citizens 2011

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