Economics and Business

The Economics and Business Cluster IPS studies the business and economic climate in Singapore, how these are affected as a result of public policy, and how Singapore responds to cyclical headwinds and changes in public policy. The cluster is headed by IPS Senior Research Fellow Dr Faizal Yahya.

The cluster focuses on projects to improve the understanding of the various stakeholders within the business and economics sphere. Through the twice-yearly Singapore Economic Roundtable and other periodic seminars and workshops, the cluster highlights new developments, considers relevant recommendations in response, and engages stakeholders to provide an informed picture of the economy. The cluster also works together with various trade associations and chambers to survey how small and medium enterprises experience public policy and how it affects their practices.


Dr Faizal Bin Yahya
Senior Research Fellow

Dr Alex Tan Tai Loong
Senior Research Fellow

Manu Bhaskaran
Adjunct Senior Research Fellow

Mooris Tjioe
Research Assistant



  • Rising Costs in Singapore
  • Singapore Economic Roundtable
  • SME Survey


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