Politics and Governance

The Politics and Governance cluster studies party and electoral politics, the development of civil society, state-society relations, and citizen engagement in Singapore. It also researches the development of civil society, and in recent years, has studied the formulation and implementation of the Singapore government’s policy agenda to forge a new social compact with Singaporeans. The cluster is headed by IPS Deputy Director (Research) Dr Gillian Koh.

The cluster’s research projects include surveys that assess the political culture in Singapore and the political attitudes of Singaporeans, and studies on migration issues affecting Singapore and Singaporeans. Recently, the cluster has also tracked the expansion of pluralism and political contestation in Singapore and how this is navigated by individuals, civil society organisations and policymakers. To bridge the gap between policymakers, academics, and the public, the cluster organises conferences on pertinent policy topics. It also produces The Year-In-Review annually, providing a briefing on the key policy issues and developments of the year.


Dr Gillian Koh
Deputy Director (Research)

Debbie Soon
Research Associate

Tan Min-Wei
Research Assistant



  • Survey on Emigration Attitude of Young Singaporeans
  • A Study of Social Capital in Singapore (2015)
  • Asian Barometer Survey


  • Action Plan Singapore
  • The New Singaporean Pluralism
  • Post General Election Surveys & Post Presidential Election Survey
  • IPS Prism Project Workshops