Society and Identity

The Society and Identity research cluster focuses on the nature of Singapore’s diversities and differences, a result of our plural, open and cosmopolitan society. The cluster is headed by IPS Senior Research Fellow Dr Mathew Mathews.

New norms, values and worldviews have brought about different complexities, and can potentially affect the way that identities such as race, language, religion, gender, social class, age, marital status and immigrant background are thought of and experienced. The cluster researches the perceptions, relationships, cohesion, social outcomes and intersectionalities that surround these differences, and how social inclusion of different groups can be achieved. As such, the cluster also examines how society meets various social needs, through research on the social services and the education system. Through a range of methodologies, the cluster engages the perspectives of relevant stakeholders to better help policymakers meet the challenges of a rapidly-changing society.


Dr Mathew Mathews
Senior Research Fellow

Dr Justin Lee
Research Fellow

Dr Mohamad Shamsuri Bin Juhari
Research Fellow

Leonard Lim
Research Associate

Shanthini Selvarajan
Research Assistant



  • Open Collaboration to Understand Social Needs in Singapore
  • Participatory Research on Discrimination of People With Disabilities at the Workplace
  • State of the Social Service Sector
  • Survey on Parents’ Perception of Schooling
  • Study on Parents as Mediators of Academic Stress


  • CNA-IPS Survey on Racism in Singapore
  • Managing Diversity in Singapore
  • Social Inclusion of People With Disabilities at Work
  • Interethnic Harmony Study
  • Community Leaders Integration Dialogue
  • Indicators of Racial and Religious Harmony
  • Survey on Race, Religion and Language

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