Ongoing Surveys

The following surveys are currently being conducted by the IPS Social Lab:

If you are approached to complete an IPS survey, you will be given a letter that has IPS’ name spelt in full and/or the names of our parent, the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy and the National University of Singapore. It will also contain information such as:

  • the name of the survey
  • the purpose of the survey
  • start and end dates of data collection
  • contact details at IPS/ IPS Social Lab
  • the name of the Principal Investigator of the survey


For face-to-face surveys, an interviewer may attempt to contact you at your home in the evening or on weekends. The interviewer should have an authorisation letter that states the following: the interviewer’s name and IC number, the survey title, contact details at IPS, and the NUS crest.


If you need further verification, please write to or call Ms Choo Kia Ming at 6516-8391.  For surveys conducted by IPS Social Lab, please write to  or call 6601-3223/ 8668-8992.