Research and Projects

IWP conducts research of direct relevance to water governance and policy and engages with policymakers in a variety of forums.


Our research is organized in three clusters.

In the Utility Management, Regulation and Policy research cluster, we seek to identify ways to enhance the performance of water utilities through better management, smart regulation, and innovative policies. Our research addresses benchmarking of utility performance, smart regulation of both private and public water utilities, and alternative financing mechanisms for urban water infrastructure.

The research cluster on Water Governance and Reform aims to explore challenges in water governance and identify effective policy solutions and reform strategies. Our comparative research examines major issues confronting the water sector, such as public-private partnerships, innovations in water use efficiencies, determination of water tariffs, conflicts and cooperation in trans-boundary water resources, and risks and uncertainties with regard to water-related disasters such as droughts and floods.

The research cluster on Water Security and Sustainable Development explores the growing complexity in water resources management due to the inter-linkages between water security and energy security, food security and environmental quality. Our research also examines how water security can be integrated into national policymaking to achieve sustainable development. 

Other policy engagement

Since 2011, IWP has partnered with the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy on the Temasek Foundation Water Leadership Programme, an intensive two-week Executive Education programme designed for water utilities, regulators and urban policymakers in Asia.

In 2015, IWP partnered with the Lee Kuan Yew School Master of Public Affairs (MPA) programme for the Governance Study Project on “Ganga Rejuvenation: Governance Challenges and Policy Options.” First-year MPA students engaged directly with stakeholders, government agencies, NGOs and other actors and developed policy recommendations to address pressing issues faced by the region.

In addition, IWP regularly organises and participates in workshops and forums with policymakers, regulators, and industry leaders. More details on these events can be found on our News and Events page.